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Eq Taxi Passenger

EQ Taxi app supports downloads from the most powerful platforms available for clients. The app available either on the iOS App Store or Play Store. It is highly optimized, intuitive and easy to navigate.


EQ Taxi Driver

Your drivers will have access to the driver's section of the EQ Taxi app - this is geared to finding the shortest most effective route to your passenger and their destination. The application also has the start and end ride functionality built-in.


EQ Taxi Dispatcher

If you have high profile clientele with demanding schedules and travel plans, you can use the EQ Taxi to coordinate multiple destinations over multiple sessions.


EQ Taxi Administrator

The EQ Taxi app is a total business package and records every detail and statistic, like the number of cars in fleet currently, total distance travelled, and total earnings to name a few. The application also presents data graphically in the form of charts to easily assimilate data.

EQ Taxi Signup
Attractive Signup

EQ Taxi app has a minimalist style with professional look and feel, which improves user experience and is geared to be intuitive without compromising any features.

EQ Taxi Estimation
Fare Estimation

EQ Taxi app has accurate and consistent fare estimation, so users know exactly how much they need to pay. This also takes into account various external factors like cab availability, traffic and time of day.

EQ Taxi Ride Summary
Ride Summary

After the journey, a comprehensive ride summary is generated which shows various details like route and time taken. The EQ Taxi app also saves the data for future reference.

EQ Taxi Save Location
Location History

The EQ Taxi app automatically saves all pickup and drop locations for a particular user, so they don't have to keep hunting for oft visited locations in the map.

EQ Taxi Notification

Get timely notifications about arrival, journey details, discounts and other important announcements through your EQ Taxi app.

EQ Taxi Car Details
Car Details

When searching for rides, users can get detailed information about cars including the registration number and driver rating.

EQ Taxi Find Location
Auto Locate

The EQ Taxi app is designed to interpret GPS signals as accurately as possible and has been mapped out thoroughly making it extremely easy to book a ride and to navigate to the rider.

EQ Taxi Driver Details
Driver Details

Find driver details that are current including driver location, ratings and other details with the EQ Taxi app’s comprehensive driver database.

EQ Taxi Time Estimation
Accurate Time Estimates

Being an extremely responsive Taxi Booking App, even small changes in pickup or drop times are calculated accurately and relayed immediately, so people could save some precious minutes in their busy schedule.

EQ Taxi Sign up
Attractive Signup

The EQ Taxi app has an intuitive and simple signup page through which a driver is able to login with either their mobile number or social media credentials.

EQ Taxi Fare Summary
Fare Summary

The fare is calculated on the EQ Taxi app based on several factors like base fare, waiting time, service charges that are updated real-time. This is accessible for both the driver as well as the passenger.

EQ Taxi Ride Summary
Ride Summary

Both, during the ride and after it has been completed, a detailed ride summary is available for both the driver and the rider for their review and is saved for future reference.

EQ Taxi Book Ride
Manual Booking

The EQ Taxi app also has an option that allows the driver to book a ride manually when riders don’t have access to the app, which adds more flexibility.

EQ Taxi Push Notification

Timely notifications are available on the EQ Taxi app which displays several useful information like new rides, ride history, payment, discounts and other offers.

EQ Taxi Add Car
Add Car Types

Being an extremely responsive Taxi Booking App, even small changes in pickup or drop times are calculated accurately and relayed immediately, so people could save some precious minutes in their busy schedule.

EQ Taxi Live Navigation
Live Navigation

EQ Taxi app offers real-time navigational updates which the driver can use to track trips through maps, providing a smooth and responsive look and feel.

EQ Taxi Passenger
Passenger Details

The driver can get immediate notification about the details of a passenger, in the EQ Taxi app while the ride is booked, so they can make a quick decision.

EQ Taxi Profile Settings
Profile Settings

The EQ Taxi app has different profiles, personal and professional, which the drivers can view and edit easily.

EQ Taxi Driver Details
Manage Drivers

The Manage Drivers window is an invaluable tool for dispatchers, the EQ Taxi app allows in-depth access to various driver details like current status of the driver and the number of rides completed.

EQ Taxi Ride Management
Manage Trips

The EQ Taxi app offers the dispatcher, the ability to assign trips to drivers depending on factors like availability and number of trips completed during that particular day or week.

EQ Taxi Car Management
Manage Cars

The EQ Taxi app also offers dispatchers the option to assign available cars to drivers who are available at that particular time, for a seamless ad hoc taxi booking experience.

EQ Taxi Content Management
Manage Bookings
from Customer

Coordinating booking requests from customer calls is a critical part of a dispatcher’s day to day routine. The EQ Taxi app has features that lets the dispatcher input rider specifics like location, destination, number of people and other details.

EQ Taxi Fare Management
Intelli Schedule

The EQ Taxi dispatcher uses an intelligent algorithm, which is able to schedule trips based on available drivers and the pickup location of the passengers, efficiently.

EQ Taxi Radius Management
Live Tracking

EQ Taxi app allows the dispatcher to track trips that are booked or are in progress through an interactive map, which has useful options like Zoom In, Zoom Out and the ability to view the entire route.

EQ Taxi Car management
Manage Price

The EQ Taxi app has features that allow the dispatcher to set discounts or add promo codes based on their discretion, which is immediately reflected in the system.

EQ Taxi Invoice Management
( Custom reports)

A dispatcher can analyze various details related to rides via the reports window in the EQ Taxi app. Reports based on trips, locations, cars used and drivers etc. are available.

EQ Taxi Dashboard Icon

EQ Taxi app offers an administrator, a comprehensive and well laid out dashboard with the most important details displayed as graphical reports for easy understanding.

EQ Taxi Ride Management
Ride Management

Administrators can manage all aspects of rides and view details based on different conditions like cancelled, completed, booked and in-progress with the EQ Taxi app.

EQ Taxi Radius Management
Radius Management

A very important feature of the EQ Taxi app for administrators is the radius management feature, where they can set the distance, which a driver is comfortable with to start a ride from his current location.

EQ Taxi Content management
Content Management

The EQ Taxi app has tools that enable administrators in making quick and unified changes to content on the app as well as the web page. This is especially useful for festive seasons or in case of emergencies.

EQ Taxi fare-management
Fare Management

The EQ Taxi app lets administrators manage fare calculation by configuring several key parameters such as base fare, waiting time, taxes and discount coupons.

EQ Taxi news-letter-management
New Letter Management

Administrators can now easily send out important information as newsletters to passengers via SMS or email using the EQ Taxi app

EQ Taxi Car Management
Car Management

A dispatcher can analyze various details related to rides via the reports window in the EQ Taxi app. Reports based on trips, locations, cars used and drivers etc. are available.

EQ Taxi Invoice Management
Invoice Management

The EQ Taxi app gives the administrator complete access to all details involving driver payouts and passenger ride invoices.

EQ Taxi Payement management
Payment Management

Administrators are able to view and analyze a variety of payment related details of drivers and passengers such as fund transfer status, payment reference numbers, payment gateways used etc.


People want to travel. Getting people where they want to, has become much more than a simple cab ride.

The EQ Taxi Software offers you much more than the average Lyft clone script that you can find in the market. As a Taxi App Development Company, we have spent countless hours to offer you an undiluted, complete and flexible experience when it comes to usability, robustness, and compatibility. While there are several taxi apps around, our application gives you that extra edge regardless of the nature of your use - as a passenger, driver, dispatcher or an administrator.

We rival some of the top Taxi Management Applications like Lyft & Careem, when it comes to what we can offer as a Mobile first Solution. The EQ Taxi app offers you several convenient features that automate several areas of life. Our Software helps improve productivity of your business in more ways that you could think of. Have an airport shuttle pick you up, have your dry cleaning delivered, or even deliver piping hot food using your own fleet - all of this is possible when you choose the most advanced taxi application in the market!


As one of the top software development companies globally, we leverage the latest and greatest technologies that are available in the market. Our experience combined with our track record of developing innovative solutions for several real-world problems for a variety of industries, has helped us in developing an application that delivers exemplary performance regardless of the environment it operates in.


EQ Taxi User Fiendly

User Friendly

The EQ Taxi app has features right where you want them. Everything is literally at your fingertips in our app with easy access to all of its powerful features.


Robust UI & UX

Our EQ Taxi app has a minimalist UI that is responsive and dynamic which gives you an elevated user experience while not taking anything away from the vast array of functions it presents.

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EQ Taxi Scalability

Unlimited Scalability

Following a modular approach to development has made EQ Taxi very scalable, enabling us to incorporate more features when needed with effortless ease.

EQ Taxi Cross Platform

Cross-platform Compatibility

EQ Taxi App offers an optimal and consistent experience across all platforms and devices. This means regardless of the phone you use, the functionality remains the same.

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I have a small fleet of 4 cars for which I am using EQ Taxi app extensively. I have to say that it is far better than all the other cab apps out there. There are several functionalities that help out a small fleet owner like me and I'm sure that when I expand to several cabs, this app will accommodate them easily as well!

- Mohamed

While there are a lot of taxi softwares out there, EQTaxi's app is the one that I feel is truly customizable. I have a business that deals with time-sensitive cargo, which needed considerable customization from the original product they had, but the EQ Taxi team customized it appropriately for me within the promised time. The app lets me seamlessly track my delivery time and helps me keep my customers happy! I can confidently say that this app is definitely something that adds a lot of value to businesses like mine.

- Nesrine

If you are on the lookout for an easy to use, responsive and highly customizable taxi app for big fleet operations, then you’re in the right place. EQ Taxi app has several features that will appeal to both mainstream and niche operators alike. We have a highly customized version of their app, which helps us in coordinating our enterprise and we've found the app very handy and intuitive.

- Paul

I have been using their services for a couple of years now and find them very helpful. They have a great team, with a good mix of solid engineers and customer service professionals. They were very accomodating with the changes that I asked for, very professional in their approach, completed the work within a reasonable amount of time and charged me a very reasonable amount everytime I needed something more.

- David

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EQ Taxi Android

The EQ Taxi App works consistently on a range of Android Versions. Our App boasts A Uniform User Experience On the Myriad of Devices Out there in the market, To Offer You A Consistent And Stable Experience Much Better Than the Other taxi apps in The Market.

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EQ Taxi iOS

Our IOS Version Of The EQ Taxi App Makes Use Of Their Slick And Minimalistic UX To Deliver A Robust And Responsive Taxi App. We've Taken Utmost Care To Present a level of quality which rivals The Best Of The Apps in The App Store, So that You could Have A Seamless Experience.

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EQ Taxi Web

EQ Taxi Also Has A Web-Based Script which Is Ultra-Responsive And Lightweight, Giving You Access To All the Functionalities Of The App On Your PC Or Smartphone. The User Experience Remains Consistent With The Mobile App, So You'll Feel Right At Home.

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EQ Taxi Airport

Airport Shuttle

The EQ Taxi app can give your riders the facility to book-ahead when they're travelling. With the help of the app you can ensure that they have zero waiting time and get picked up, as they land at their destination.

EQ Taxi Laundry


Using the EQ Taxi app, Laundromats could deliver laundry to clients on a large scale. Additionally, delivering laundry requires an increased level of tracking and record keeping which the app supports.

EQ Taxi Home Repair

Home Services

EQ Taxi app gives you the option to coordinate with your clients regarding any service that a homeowner might require including home repair, cooking gas, electrical problems and plumbing to name a few.

EQ Taxi Retail

Commercial Delivery

EQ Taxi app can facilitate commercial deliveries for various industries like packaged water, supermarket chains and other retail products. We can customize our app very quickly to add a variety of features which are unique to your business and would add a lot of value to your operations.

EQ Taxi Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Another industry that we are tailor made for, is the food delivery business. Get optimal routes and up to date traffic conditions so your clients get piping hot food quicker.

EQ Taxi Package Delivery

Package Delivery

Delivering packages is a time-critical operation, so you need a software that can optimize your delivery schedules and reduce your expenditure. EQ Taxi app enables your courier service to operate more efficiently, helps reduce a lot of pain and keeps the workers extremely happy.

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Yes, EQTaxi’s modular structure enables easy restructuring and customization.
Yes, we have a team of analysts, who gather your requirements and work with our in-house technical team to customize the app and add the functionality you need & deliver the app. Customizations incur additional cost. Cost varies based on the level of effort.
Yes, the Uber clone script is encrypted and will only run on a single domain.
We offer 4 weeks of support, from the date of delivery (or deployment based on the type of engagement).
We are always here for our clients and are extremely happy to answer any of your questions and for any clarifications when necessary. Please call us using the number provided at the top of page or use the chat option available at the bottom of the page. If we aren't available right away, please shoot an email. We respond to customer inquiries within 24 business hours.
If you would like a demo of the EQ Taxi app, please share your details like name, email and phone number using the Contact Us form in the bottom of the page. We will have one of our Client Relationship agents get in touch with you as soon as humanly possible.

Any Other question? You can Contact Us.