How A Food Delivery Business Could Improve Operations Using App

The global food industry is going through a boom and it is only set to increase exponentially in the years to come. The increasing penetration mobiles coupled with platforms that allow people to order food and get it delivered has seen this market niche grow by leaps and bounds.

Food delivery is one of the fastest growing markets currently. The US food delivery market was worth about 11.8 billion dollars in 2016. This has grown to about 16.7 billion dollars this year. This is a massive 41% of growth in the space of just a year. To say that this sort of growth is anything less than amazing is going to be an understatement of epic proportions.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that it is set to reach 34.2 billion dollars in the next 3 years, an aggregate growth of about 200%!

Effective Delivery – Crux Of Food Business

Food delivery is a niche market because there are several critical business parameters that a food delivery network needs to get right. Here they are:

Promise Times

While quality is the most important aspect of a restaurant, a food delivery service is only as good as the time taken to deliver the product.

Preservation of quality

A food delivery network should have adequate systems in place to ensure that the customer get food fresh and piping hot.


Food deliveries should be supplied to the right customers without too many delays due to logistical errors.

Effective routing

In case of multiple deliveries, the routing should be effective and dynamic taking into account several factors like distance between customers, traffic, road accessibility, and other issues.

Operating costs

Minimizing operating costs is a significant attribute in the viability of a food delivery service. This is attained when all other ancillary components in the food delivery system are effective.

Food Delivery App for Better Business

Delivering a commodity such as food which is sensitive to external conditions and time-sensitive effectively and at lower costs can be a daunting task for restaurants to approach without help. This is where the next generation of Food delivery software can give food enterprises the edge by offering their expertise in this niche.

Because there are significant factors that determine how quickly food can be delivered to a customer, it is just not profitable or feasible for the restaurant to run its own manual delivery service. Offloading this critical task to a powerful Food delivery app service provider means they can focus on improving their core business practices. This will save restaurant owners time and money.

Shorter delivery times mean significant savings as well as increased customer satisfaction along with customer loyalty. A restaurant gets over 70% of its business from repeat customers and with an effective food delivery network, chances of customers ordering again is improved.

Summing It Up

As you can see, getting a complete Food delivery app delivery system can do wonders for your restaurant. Their expertise with handling several critical parameters during delivery like dynamic routing, comprehensive customer database, maintenance of food quality, and recording critical statistics mean that it can offer your business several levels above what is currently the norm. So if you are running a food business of any scale, you would do well to consider a powerful alternative food delivery solution that improves all aspects of your business and helps you retain more customers.