How A Small Taxi Business Can Grow Exponentially Using Taxi App

There is a great divide between the consumers demographic, especially when it comes to hiring taxis for transportation. Earlier, people used traditional methods to book taxis, but now there are a growing number of users who use mobile app to do the same.
There has been a huge paradigm shift in the last half a decade when it comes to how people are getting around town because of the emergence of extremely useful apps like Lyft.
While earlier people booked cabs through a friend or a regular cab operator who may or may not have cabs running when you most want it, the industry currently has moved to taxi apps.
These apps are light on resources, responsive, and give consumers the ability to easily book taxis without too many hassles.

Growing Taxi App Adoption

Over 70% of people reading this will already have some form of branded lyft clone app already installed on their mobile device. The prime player in the market, Lyft, is active in 84 countries and more than 750 cities across the world. People and the market as a whole are moving towards better technology because it simply makes more sense.

Taxi services are one area where improved technology has been able to make a significant impact on the growth of the market and ease of use. The advent of technology means that the entire process of interaction between the drivers and passengers has changed.

Passengers have more access to other drivers and vice versa. This paves the way for better utilization of resources all around while eliminating bottlenecks that used to be unavoidable with the old method of booking cabs.

Benefits Of Using A Taxi App

There are significant benefits to using an app to book your cab rather than the traditional, bygone method of hailing one from a taxi stand or calling someone who is miles away from where you are.

Let’s look at some of the major benefits that Taxi app would offer your customers, which in-turn could prove to be instrumental in expanding your taxi business.

Increased visibility

While earlier a taxi business was limited by several factors, the scenario has changed drastically since the advent of mobile apps for booking a taxi . Now your taxi business is not just limited to word of mouth or customers from a particular locale.

Since white label mobile taxi apps are highly relevant these days, any person could book a cab using just their mobile device. This opens up a whole new demographic of people for your growing taxi service.

Increased profitability

When you compare ad-hoc taxi services to the ones that run off taxi app, this is one area where you will find big competitive advantages. Taxi operators and drivers are always at loggerheads when it comes to deciding commissions and perks.

This is one of the many reasons why cab aggregators choose to run their operations using a software that streamlines everything and makes calculations very methodical and simple. A business owner could change the formula to calculate perks depending on the revenue for a given day of the week or for a particular time slot etc. to maximize his/her profits.

Lower costs

A major factor that works in favor of the taxi app is the fact that it is highly automated and a mostly turnkey operation when you make the change from traditional methods. There is real-time data available right at your fingertips which can tell you what is actually happening at ground level.

This is a far more elegant solution than having to employ people who are in charge of monitoring & managing the performance of your taxi services.

Happier customers

When you migrate to a taxi app, you are able to service your customers a lot better and easier. They can use their app to book a cab and they can see on the map exactly where their driver is. Also, there are different payment methods that are available to the passenger, adding more flexibility for your customers. Ride fairs are estimated before a customer gets into a car, which prevents a lot of frustration as there is no haggling during the ride, at the same time as an owner of a business you are able to see exactly how you are doing that day with the push of a button.

Easier administration

Having an effective mobile app, to manage your business can exponentially increase your ability to properly audit your taxi business and make effective decisions quickly without wasting too much time.

When you opt for a taxi app, you get comprehensive data like distance, time, number of trips, trip history, and local traffic conditions just to name a few. The best part is that all this data is accrued in real-time without any delays.


Opting to migrate to a taxi app from the traditional means of running a taxi operation is the logical next step to a business which manages taxis or for that matter, any fleet. There are too many advantages to ignore as far as mobile taxi apps are concerned without any of the serious drawbacks that are usually associated with new technology.

These apps do not just offer taxi services – some of the more advanced apps offer several options including customized trip booking, commercial deliveries, and point to point solutions to name a few.

As far as the taxi industry is concerned, this adoption of new technology is a necessity rather than an option.